Save the Sandbox Day!

We have planned a “Save the Sandbox” day in order to address the problem of having detected a few glass pieces in our sandbox. It will be on Saturday, February 9th from 9:00 am – noon. Food and water will be provided, in the form of delicious pizza 🙂

The Game Plan

We are planning to take all of the sand out of the first (main) sandbox (on the south end of the play yard, near the entrance), and use wheelbarrows to bring it down to the other side of the play yard and dump it into the unused sandbox (behind the fence at the north end of the play yard). Once the main sandbox is empty, we will take a tarp that we have cut into strips and line the bottom edges of the sandbox with the tarp so no sand escapes through the bottom gap. We will use some type of fast sealing adhesive to keep them in place. Then, we will load the sandbox with new sand. There will be a shipment of sand (one palette) coming in that morning. We will need helpers to move sand between the sandboxes and also to help bring the new sand bags onto the play yard.

Parent volunteers should come without their kids because it will be a lot of hard work and heavy lifting. If you have any at your residence, please bring wheelbarrows, work gloves, shovels and any pieces of strong wood (7 feet or longer) that we can use to make a bridge over the main pathway by the gated entrance. It should be long enough to make the stretch over the pathway and strong enough to hold a wheelbarrow full of sand. We may look into layering the wood to make the path more sturdy and capable of holding more weight (we may also use stumps/benches to support the center of the path).


If you have any questions about this event, please ask your teacher, or stop by the office. We ABSOLUTELY recognize that this is NOT a glamorous volunteer opportunity, but this is one that will be greatly appreciated by the children in our school, who make up most of our school’s population! If you are up to get messy, work those muscles, and help us to be able to open up our sandbox once again, please RSVP by email to We appreciate all that you do to make our community full of fun and safe play!