February School Closures

If you haven’t already marked your calendars for February’s closures, now is a great time to! During the week of February 18th we will be closed on President’s Day (Monday 2/18/19). We will also be closing school early that Friday to hold an all-school staff meeting. As you may know, in the past we had observed all-school staff meetings on Monday evenings from 6-8pm. Tired and stomachs empty, staff would arrive to meet after a full day of work in the presence of our wonderful children. After putting our heads together and brainstorming better options for our teachers, our board recently came together and approved to have a few half days through the year. Our first half-day will be on Friday, 2/22/19. We will be closing the school at noon on this day to begin program business. Please be sure to arrive no later than noon to pick up your child, as teachers will not be available after this time to provide childcare.

Needing childcare on this day, but unsure of what to do?

At our most recent board meeting we discussed this topic, and some parents came forward sharing that they would be happy to help other families by watching their children for a day. We encourage you to reach out to your community and ask about care support if you find that you are in need of care this day. As always, you are welcome to email us, and we will be happy to provide information to aid you.

If you have questions about this, and are finding yourself in need of extra support please visit our Parent Directory or our Facebook page on the UTCS Parents Forum to get in touch with other parents. Our Facebook page serves as an online platform for us to be able to connect with each other remotely within the UTCS community. This page is a safe space for folks to share news, information about upcoming events, reach out for help about care or other specific needs, and generally grow in community. Not on our Facebook yet, but interested? Please follow the directions below to join:

UTCS parents have formed a Facebook group called “UTCS Parents Forum.” You can gain access to this page by typing “UTCS Parents Forum” in the search box in Facebook. Our Social Committee Chair will accept your request to join the group as quickly as possible.

Disclaimer: The Facebook page does not serve to replace talking directly with our staff if you have any concerns that are better discussed in confidentiality. Please be mindful of this as you go to engage in our online community 🙂

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