Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture the whole child. We foster children’s curiosity and uniqueness through play and experiential learning. We create a school community that is passionate, supportive, and team-spirited. We partner with families, seeking to lay a foundation for the children to become active participants in a diverse world.

UTCS provides experiences for the whole child that:

* Value fun and center on the child’s interests.
* Build skills through repetition and natural progression.
* Foster curiosity.
* Recognize and appreciate individual differences.
* Provide a safe environment for emotional exploration.
* Develop strong problem solving skills.
* Help acquire behaviors and skills that promote physical, social, academic and emotional development.

Our UTCS community supports:
* Small classes where authentic relationships can grow.
* Opportunities for building connections with other families.
* Exploration of the world outside our doors.

Graduates of UTCS will be:
* Competent, confident members of the community.
* Lifelong learners excited for new experiences.
* Able to maintain and develop new friendships.
* Good stewards of the world around them.

“I chose UTCS because of the exceptional staff who not only keep my child safe and nurtured but who appreciate his individuality. At UTCS, I know my child is interacting with adults who I genuinely like and respect for their creative, intelligent, and dedicated energy each day.” — Maya (UTCS Parent)