Board of Directors

Our school is an independent, non-profit organization, governed by an elected Parent Board of Directors. Each board member serves at least a two-year term and participates on one or more standing committees, such as the Budget, Social, Fundraising, Board Development, and Facilities Committee.

Responsibilities of the Parent Board:

  • Hiring and evaluating the UTCS Director
  • Overseeing the UTCS budget, enrollment, and staff policies
  • Organizing UTCS social functions
  • Sponsoring fundraising activities for special projects

Recent Parent Board activities:

  • Collaborating with the Director to develop and approve The UTCS Strategic Plan, which establishes a set of indicators to monitor progress toward achieving each component of our vision statement.
  • Working with the Director and Manager to develop and approve a staff wage ladder that takes into account years of experience and education level.
  • Sponsoring a Coin Drive raising over $1500 in funds for new bikes for the gym.
  • Conducting an annual school evaluation through parent surveys.