Our Program

Our goal is to develop self-esteem, problem solving and negotiation skills, and enhance awareness of cultural diversity with our children, staff, and parents. At UTCS we believe that this is a co-learning process, wherein all members of the community can benefit and grow in shared knowledge.

Throughout the week, each of our classrooms will use a variety of learning activities that teachers have framed to be developmentally appropriate. Concepts such as math, science, art, and language are introduced through activities such as these, and also through games, music, creative dancing, cooking, books, and dramatic play. Children practice a variety of skills through daily art activities, and have the opportunity to utilize a diverse array of media as they explore their individual art interests.

Meal time is a rich learning period where children and teachers have the opportunity to share experiences, and learn from one another through the practice of family-style dining. Our hot lunch is catered, and exposes children to a wide variety of healthy foods that come from a range of cultural backgrounds. We understand that not all foods are made for everyone, and so we honor children’s specific dietary needs through vegetarian and allergen-free meal options.

Consistent with our Pacific Northwest values, we want children to spend an abundance of time exploring in nature. Our large indoor and outdoor play areas provide space and time to move during all types of weather. The children spend anywhere from one to three hours per day outside through the school year, whether it be on our beautiful play yard or somewhere in the surrounding community. We value reaching outside the bounds of the school and into our amazing city on field trips. Children are introduced to public transportation as part of our dedication to the urban education experience. Students of all ages engage in the surrounding community through trips to the UW campus and planetarium, the Burke Museum, Uwajimaya, community splash parks and playgrounds, and other sporadic ventures that may arise through the children’s interests. We also maintain a P-patch over the summer months.

UTCS is dedicated to the parent-teacher-child relationship and strives to maintain a thoughtful, meaningful community amongst our families through an array of events throughout the year. It is our goal to model for our children the importance of community and show our young people that they have an active role in the relationships they enter into. We feel that the most powerful tool we can send children into Kindergarten with is the ability to confidently and collaboratively explore and expand their learning.