Ages: Pre-Kindergarten
Ratio: 1:7

We are the Dragonflies, the Mighty, Mighty Dragonflies!

The Dragonfly classroom is our Pre-Kindergarten program. We practice skills needed for kindergarten through a play-based, child-driven curriculum. Children entering kindergarten must be able to sustain play with their peers, be aware of their role in a community, trust their own personal competence, problem -solve and exercise a genuine love for learning. Dragonflies gain these skills through active play, intentional group work, and varied social interactions. Our experienced Dragonfly teaching team also understands the importance of developing numeracy and literacy as the expectations for incoming kindergartners continuously rise. They are devoted to developing these skills through child-driven, play-based activities.

Some activities unique to our classroom are: Tribes, Audio Drawing, Life Drawing, and Person of the Week. “Tribes” challenge the children to work together in strategic, pre-set groups using their problem-solving and communication skills. “Audio Drawing” requires the use of active listening, comprehension and recall important for developing executive function. “Life Drawing” calls upon observation, concentration and spatial representation skills. Both audio and life drawing provide the opportunity to practice small motor skills as well as editing, spatial planning and basic writing skills. “Person of the Week” gives everyone a chance to intentionally acknowledge and appreciate one another.

The Dragonflies enjoy engaging with the community and take advantage of easy access to major metro bus lines as well as the lightrail in the University District. We go on adventures throughout the city, reinforcing the importance of community and personal responsibility. Activities, field experiences and everyday discoveries in the Dragonfly room create engaged, mindful young people with a genuine interest in learning.