Ages: 3 years

Ratio: 1:6

At the age of three, children are developing a sense of self within the context of a greater community. They are continuing to discover their competence and growing more independent as they master self-help skills. We believe children at this stage learn most effectively through purposeful play and interactions with their peers. To support children in this process, our emergent curriculum is based in exploration; through observation we present children with materials and learning opportunities that meet their interests and skill levels. Our primary focus is to foster social/emotional competence, skills essential for further learning.

Wombats are working to develop empathy and awareness of their peers and community. We facilitate this learning through group area play, classroom jobs and focused circle time; a time for children to sit together for singing, dancing and curriculum-driven discussion. Children are often interested in toilet learning by the time they reach this classroom and teachers work with children to provide ample time and opportunities for practice. While we are dedicated to fostering children’s interest in toileting, we understand that development looks differently for every child. We focus on meeting children where they are and partner with families to facilitate healthy development.

The Wombat room is focused on providing rich experiential learning opportunities. Through cooking and baking projects children are exposed to real-world numeracy concepts. Labels posted throughout the room and area tags introduce literacy opportunities. Through field trips to the surrounding community children encounter variable social settings and connect with nature and their urban environment. We work in our community to foster in our children a genuine interest in their surroundings.